Find out who liked your LinkedIn posts

Hey there! If you are an entrepreneur, content creator or social media manager then you might be looking for a way to extract a list of all the people that have interacted with your content on LinkedIn. Good news, with Seenly you can do just that. Why you need to know who has liked your […]

Crossposting from Twitter to Mastodon

As a social media manager, it’s important to reach as many people as possible and engage with your audience across multiple platforms. You may want to consider crossposting from Twitter to Mastodon to reach a broader audience and engage with a community that values privacy and control. Mastodon is a decentralized, open-source social network that […]

Non-Profit Discount

Charitable, non-profits and volunteer organizations play a crucial role in our communities, providing valuable services and support to those in need. However, running a nonprofit organization can be expensive, with costs ranging from staffing and supplies to marketing and fundraising. One way that these organizations can save money is by taking advantage of discount subscription […]

Why Sales Development Representatives should use LinkedIn

In our rapidly changing, digital world, the way we sell is rapidly changing. Its important to keep up with trends and embrace new technology to thrive as a Sales Development Representative (SDR), and we believe that all sales development representatives should use LinkedIn. Therefore, we’ll show you some importance reasons for personal branding on LinkedIn […]

How to use a social scheduling tool to support your work-life balance

Fun Fact! Our users are almost twice as active on Mondays compared to Saturdays and Sundays. The same pattern doesn’t hold for published posts, we see that large numbers of posts go out on the weekends. Why is that? Well, with with scheduling tools, you can create your content during the week and enjoy the […]

Scheduling tools for Mastodon

When building your company or personal brand on social media, its essential to use a scheduling tool. These tools help you save time and energy that can otherwise be used being creative. Given the extraordinary rise of Mastodon in the last month, its time to start consider its place in your social media strategy. In […]

LinkedIn Learning from our co-founder, Aaron Pickering

LinkedIn learning

As a startup built on the passion of supporting LinkedIn users to make their personal and businesses brands more engaging and connected through easy scheduling, content marketing and analysis, we have certainly gained a lot of LinkedIn learning. Our co-founder, Aaron Pickering, recently published a LinkedIn post to share his top four learning as he […]

All you need to know about AI generated content for social media

Have you ever had a creative post idea but couldn’t quite find the right image to go with it? Or maybe you got writers block thinking of a creative headline? Recent advances in generative AI are starting to enable the user to take free flowing ideas and convert them into interesting art and creative text. […]

Does LinkedIn allow automation and scraping?

Does LinkedIn allow automation and scraping? Which services are legitimate and which aren’t? There is a lot of misinformation out there and it’s hard to navigate it all. But, if LinkedIn is the place where you build your personal brand and generate leads, you’re risking a lot by not knowing. Let’s be honest though, who […]

5 Reasons to choose Snowflake as your Data Warehouse

As a bootstrapped startup, its important that we are using the right tech. This is particularly true for our data operations – including our internal business intelligence, analytics and ML products. In our case, the right tech means flexible, scalable, managed and cost effectiven. Since we started designing and building our data infrastructure, we’ve had […]