Twitter scheduler & tweet marketing

Seenly is proud to provide scheduling and social media marketing support for Twitter.

Schedule your tweets in a few easy steps with Seenly:


Connect your Twitter account to Seenly with a click of a button.


Click "Calendar" and "Create Content."


Drag and drop your content, links, images or videos.


Schedule time and date for your tweet or use our smart scheduler!


Wait for your tweets to auto-publish!

Make sure your tweets get "seen" with these social media support features:

posting time

Ask Seenly for the best time to post, as analysed by our AI for your previous posts or choose a time yourself.

Add media to
stand out

Add links and images, or search through over a million royalty-free images in Seenly to make your post stand out.

Smart scheduling for best engagement

Seenly listens for the best times to publish content based on your posts' engagement, to keep your audience engaged!


Stuck for content ideas and what to post? Use our content library template for inspiration.


Research has shown that tweets with hashtags increase engagement for individuals and brands!

Analytics in
one spot

Access your tweet analytics directly on Seenly (free 14 days trial) to see performance and adjust posts in one spot.