Content creation with Seenly

Help is here to create relevant, valuable LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter content.

Solutions and powerful features to make sure your content is king!

Research has shown that social media posts with the highest levels of engagement focus on 3 factors – including the right media, insightful content, and a great call to action – which we proudly support with Seenly’s content features!

Relevant, valuable content for your audience

Successful LinkedIn and social media content creators create content that resonates with their audience.

They know exactly what kind of photos, messaging and videos work best with the target audience, because they have spent time getting to know them.

To help social marketers and professionals create great content for LinkedIn and other platforms, Seenly provides:

  • Content library – We’ve trawled through the different social media channels to find common patterns for great posts and put that into a library for you!
  • Hashtag suggestions – Hashtags are a powerful way to make your content discoverable on LinkedIn. Use our smart suggest option for increased post exposure.
  • Media gallery – never underestimate the power of high visual quality graphics. We’ve built a media gallery for uploading your own videos and images or browse through 1M++ royalty free images directly!
  • Long form content – create posts of up to 3000 characters in length on LinkedIn.