Better Engagement

Create your content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Mastodon with Seenly's scheduler

Take your social game to the next level with Seenly's
scheduling tool.

It goes without saying that social media posts on any platform – LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter – will get more reach when they receive active and thoughtful interactions.

Build your engagement and drive growth with these smart scheduling features.

Boost Engagement with our AI powered scheduler

The following features can help boost your audience engagement to make sure your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter gets seen:

  • Smart scheduling – Seenly listens for the best times to publish content based on your posts’ engagement. Once a post has finished its engagement lifecycle, Seenly sends out your next post to keep your audience engaged.
  • LinkedIn Personal Profile Tagging (mentions) – Tag any company and/or anyone that has interacted with content on your personal page, helping you to drive engagement and growth. Did you know? Seenly is the only platform with this feature!
  • Create drafts and recycle posts.
  • Automated comments, reactions and shares with After Publish actions.
  • Coordinate your posts across socials – post to LinkedIn, Twitter and Mastodon all at the same time without extra effort.
  • High levels of support – video, images, galleries, links etc.