Creates your LinkedIn content for the week in only 10 minutes!

Seenly is an auto-publishing scheduler and engagement platform for LinkedIn and other top social networks

It's all about being seen!


Set and forget LinkedIn and other socials, with auto publishing, multi-images, video posts, unlimited workspaces!


Smart suggest post times automatically picking the best time to publish your LinkedIn and social posts.


Content library & hashtag suggestions
analysed from your most engaging LinkedIn and other social posts!


Smart scheduling queue
monitors LinkedIn and other socials engagement levels & auto publishes when engagement is low.


Auto publish LinkedIn posts

Everything you need (and more) to schedule your social media posts in one platform:

  • Drag & drop scheduling calendar
  • Media gallery with your images & other royalty free pics!
  • Native video publishing
  • Link attachments
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Social channel customisations also available for Facebook and Twitter!

A social media marketing platform that makes sure your LinkedIn personal brand, product and company gets seen!


Automatically publishes at the best times!

With Seenly there is no need worry about when the best time to post is or how often you should be posting.

Simply load up your smart schedule and Seenly will monitor your content engagement and automatically publish new content from your queue right when your audience engagement falls off.

It’s truly set and forget magic!

Seenly AI Assistant

Unleash the power of Seenly AI Assistant and revolutionize your social media presence!

Our cutting-edge AI creates captivating content faster and more effectively, ensuring your posts stand out and engage your audience like never before. Experience effortless growth and watch your brand soar to new heights!

Seenly Bulk Upload!

Seenly is the only platform that allows scheduling posts and tracking reactions in bulk, a unique feature no other platform offers.

This innovation saves you significant time and streamlines your social media strategy effortlessly. Experience unparalleled efficiency and engagement with Seenly’s advanced capabilities.


Adds auto first comment, auto reactions, and auto reshare!

We don’t stop at simply publishing your LinkedIn content!

With Seenly you can improve your engagement by automatically adding comments, reactions, and reshares to your posts.

Use any LinkedIn account you’ve connected to Seenly to automatically:

  • Add a comment (plug your products!)
  • React to your post
  • Reshare your post

Measures your LinkedIn performance

There’s no need to guess which content your audience loves the most. Seenly’s analytics will tell you!

Create great content every time by understanding what your audience is engaging with.

Trusted by hundreds of people to improve their LinkedIn game!

Michelle C.

Founder and CEO, Chu Empire

“Seenly saves us so much time managing our LinkedIn content. We just load up our smart queues at the start of the week and it all gets automatically posted at good times throughout the week. Their smart scheduling is seriously like magic!”

Adam Spacht

Training & Development Coach

“Elegant interface, easy & reliable mechanics, and constantly growing feature set makes the platform a seamless part of my content workflow.

Most importantly, I’ve found the Seenly staff wildly responsive to my needs and open to my suggestions.”

Petra Vanessie

CMO, AVA Agency

“Managing multiple LinkedIn accounts for our various clients is more effective, efficient and smarter with Seenly.

The ability to automatically create comments and share posts is a total game changer for managing our clients!”