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See the return on your LinkedIn social marketing with Seenly's specific focus on LinkedIn brand building and engagement.

All you need and want to easily & effectively schedule LinkedIn posts


Improve your LinkedIn audience engagement by creating a whole week of content in just 10 minutes.

Seenly makes your job easier by giving you all the features you need:

Solutions to enhance LinkedIn engagement & brand building

Being able to save time and be more effective with a scheduling platform is the start! But we also know that posting at the right time, having the right content, being able to tag companies and people are other factors to make sure your LinkedIn is engaging.

Seenly is proud to support these with the following LinkedIn featured solutions:

Smart scheduling

Load up your smart schedule with content and Seenly will monitor your social engagement and automatically publish new content from your queue right when your audience engagement falls off. It's truly set and forget magic!

Content ideas library

Browse through numerous curated, proven post ideas and templates to get you started when creating a post.

Hashtag suggestions

Hashtags are a powerful way to make your content discoverable on LinkedIn. Use our smart suggest option for increased post exposure.

Recycled posts

Set your posts to be recycled at a later time to expand brand reach, reach people round the clock, keep your feed active and hit the ground running if you are just starting out.

LinkedIn analytics, easy to read, in one spot!

We know analytics can empower business and personal brands to learn what their audience really cares about and what influences their engagement.

At Seenly, we’re excited to offer the following analytics, in one spot and easy to view and understand manner:

  • The most common and important metrics to pay attention to, including engagement, impressions and reach, share of voice, referrals and conversions.
  • Tracking engagement on posts and displaying them in simple “traffic light” format (red, amber, green)