How to use a social scheduling tool to support your work-life balance

Fun Fact!

Our users are almost twice as active on Mondays compared to Saturdays and Sundays.

The same pattern doesn’t hold for published posts, we see that large numbers of posts go out on the weekends. Why is that? Well, with with scheduling tools, you can create your content during the week and enjoy the weekends for yourself!

Work-life balance at Seenly

As a bootstrapped business, we believe its important to have an appropriate work-life balance. Its easy to get consumed in the social hype and burn out. Following every notification, checking every comment, creating content late at night, any of this sound familiar? We’ve been there.

Our statistics show that consistent content creation is the #1 factor to the successful growth of your personal brand on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. But its not always easy to be creative on demand and this can lead to stress. The stress to come up with new ideas all the time.

Using a scheduling tool, you can start to mitigate some of these effects and bring some work-life balance back. As you can see, many of our users at Seenly do the same! And we practice what we preach. The majority of our content creation is done during the week, during normal working hours.

So, sign up to Seenly today and start taking your weekends back!