LinkedIn Learning from our co-founder, Aaron Pickering

As a startup built on the passion of supporting LinkedIn users to make their personal and businesses brands more engaging and connected through easy scheduling, content marketing and analysis, we have certainly gained a lot of LinkedIn learning.

Our co-founder, Aaron Pickering, recently published a LinkedIn post to share his top four learning as he has been building his profile on the platform for the last few months.

“So far its been an eye-opening and valuable experience,” said Aaron.

LinkedIn Learning 1: Be genuine

“Stay honest, write about things you know and love,” explained Aaron.

“For me this has been the most important aspect to staying consistent. For me that’s data, ML and business.”

Lesson Learnt 2: Good content is key

In 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay that changed the course of digital marketing. Titled “Content is King,” he suggested most of the money generated on the internet would come from content, much like broadcasting.

“Don’t post rubbish but don’t overthink things too much,” is how our co-founder worded and emphasised this.

LinkedIn Learning 3: It takes a community

“The community on LinkedIn is just generally helpful and friendly. We’ve received a tonne of feedback and support for Seenly. I’m not sure why this surprised me, but I just didn’t expect that,” said Aaron.

The saying does go: “It takes a community to build a community.” Forbes’ article on the three key benefits for business owners to find their community is something we at Seenly can definitely agree on as we are experiencing it as we build our business:

  • Community breeds collaboration and growth.
  • It helps keep you accountable.
  • A haven when things get tough!

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Fourth learning (for now!): sales and marketing

“Never underestimate sales and marketing folk again!” is Aaron’s advice! We will leave that as is.