Non-Profit Discount

Charitable, non-profits and volunteer organizations play a crucial role in our communities, providing valuable services and support to those in need. However, running a nonprofit organization can be expensive, with costs ranging from staffing and supplies to marketing and fundraising.

One way that these organizations can save money is by taking advantage of discount subscription programs. Many companies offer discounted rates on their products and services to nonprofit organizations, allowing them to stretch their budgets further and do more good in the community.

At Seenly, to give a little back, we are proud to support selected organizations with a non-profit subscription discount. This entitles you to all of our regular scheduling, engagement and analytics services for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook at a discounted rate. Get in touch to see if your organization is a fit.

In addition, we can provide additional customer service and support to get your organization up and running, to improve your operations and better serve your communities. We deal with one person operations to larger operations, just get in contact and let us know.

Our scheduling and analytics services are currently available for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. These three channels should help to support your social media marketing needs.

Stretch your budget further and make a bigger impact in the lives of those you serve.