Scheduling tools for Mastodon

When building your company or personal brand on social media, its essential to use a scheduling tool. These tools help you save time and energy that can otherwise be used being creative. Given the extraordinary rise of Mastodon in the last month, its time to start consider its place in your social media strategy. In this article we’ll show you how to schedule posts on Mastodon with our great new tool.

What is Mastodon?

Mastodon is a free, open-source, federated social network. Federated, meaning a collection of self- hosted servers that interact with each other. With its many microblogging features, as a service Mastodon is most similar to Twitter.

Recently, Mastodon has been hailed as a Twitter alternative, in the wake of the recent takeover. Many disgruntled Twitter users have now migrated and set up shop in the Mastodon ecosystem.

There has been particular interest among scientists, non-profits and artists, looking for a well moderated, community environment.

So, is Mastodon the right place for you to grow your personal or company brand?

At Seenly, we support a multi platform content strategy. If your audience is on Mastodon, then you should be there too. We aim to support multi platform content strategies by allowing you to smoothly post your content across Mastodon, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook all at the same time. Write once, post everywhere.

Why use a scheduling tool on Mastodon?

A Mastodon scheduler will save you time and energy!

Time management can be a big challenge for content creators, especially on microblogging platforms such as Mastodon.

You need good ideas and most of the time, you need to think of them in advance.

With a scheduler for Mastodon, you can do your creative work in blocks. You can create drafts and recycle posts for later use. You can use advanced automation techniques such as Smart Scheduling and After Publish Actions.

Are you afraid that content posted on Mastodon will miss Twitter’s larger audience?

With Seenly, you can even post your content cross platform. Just connect both your Mastodon and Twitter social and let Seenly post to both at the same time. Simple as that.

How to schedule posts on Mastodon with Seenly?

How to schedule posts on Mastodon with Seenly? The ability to schedule Mastodon posts is under development and will arrive early in 2023 to the platform!

Seenly’s Scheduling Tool For Mastodon. Available early 2023. Apply for Beta Access

We’ll be providing all the features you need from an advanced scheduling service to support building your personal or company brand on the new platform.

We will be rolling out the in stages. If you are a regular Mastodon user and would like exclusive access to a Beta version of our tool, please contact us here and let us know.

Mastodon’s Native Scheduler

In the meantime, Mastodon has a basic native scheduling option that you can use to get started.

You can select your instance URL, write your content and select a date and time to post. The tool doesn’t yet provide any overview for preview on the app.

Mastodon’s Native Scheduling Tool

Tools for Developers

If you’re up for a technical challenge, the Mastodon API is available. If you have some development skill, you can create a scheduling ‘cron’ tool. More information is available here.


In this article, we’ve shown three options for scheduling on Mastodon. Seenly support for Mastodon scheduling will be coming very soon. Please contact us for exclusive Beta access.