The Seenly Roadmap

After a big year in 2022 where we released a number of key features, we are now looking ahead to 2023. As a bootstrapped company, its important to develop new features based on user feedback. The following features are currently the most in demand with our customers, and therefore in this article we present an indicative roadmap for Q1, Q2 2023.

Without further ado, here is our current roadmap for 2023.

Primary Roadmap

Tagging bug fixes and upgrades

We are currently aware of a couple of bugs in the personal profile tagging feature. These bugs, affecting a small number of users, cause specific users not to be found from time to time. We would like to make the user experience more reliable by patching these bugs.

Mastodon Scheduling Support

Mastodon is a free, open-source, federated social network. Federated, meaning a collection of self- hosted servers that interact with each other. With its many microblogging features, as a service Mastodon is most similar to Twitter.

Mastodon Scheduling & Analytics Support

Recently, Mastodon has been hailed as a Twitter alternative, in the wake of the recent takeover. Many disgruntled Twitter users have now migrated and set up shop in the Mastodon ecosystem.

There has been particular interest among scientists, non-profits and artists, looking for a well moderated, community environment.
Currently, our support for Mastodon scheduling is in beta and we will intend to release it early in 2023. Stay tuned.

Mastodon Analytics

As well as scheduling support, we will also support Mastodon analytics as an integrated part of our insights module. With the addition of analytics, we hope that brands, social managers and small businesses will have the ability to add Mastodon to their professional social media strategy.

LinkedIn Carousels

LinkedIn Carousels, PDFs, Docs & GIFs

Next up on our roadmap is our most requested LinkedIn feature. Support for Carousels. For those that don’t know, carousels are document like objects native to LinkedIn which the user can scroll through, page by page. Carousels, released in 2022 generate a very level of engagement and have therefore become very popular among our users.

LinkedIn PDF and Document Support

After LinkedIn carousels, we will then look to introduce PDF and document support. PDFs and documents are fairly popular content types on LinkedIn. People often use them to share their business whitepaper, sales documents or recent research articles. We would like to support this content in future, however there are some LinkedIn API limitation which mean that we can’t 100% guarantee an implementation. Stay tuned as we investigate further and feel free to reach out to our support for any questions or requests.

LinkedIn GIF Support

This one is self explanatory.

Audience Engagement Analytics

Audience Engagement Analytics

Beyond the essential LinkedIn features and updates, we would like to provide a new module providing audience engagement data and analytics. Currently, we collect information about who liked your posts and when for tagging and analytics. We have had multiple requests from our users asking to make this data easily accessible.

This type of feature will be great for sales representatives and business owners, who will be able to see who interacts with their content the most and why. This type of information could be beneficial for business partnerships, customer service and and customer outreach.

Analytics Module Upgrades

As well as creating an audience analytics feature, we would like to expand and improve the current in-built analytics so that it is becomes a more competitive market offering. Some ideas include:

New & Improved Analytics
  • Summary table view & statistics
  • Historical follower numbers and connections
  • Automated a/b testing
  • Social level analytics
  • Additional metrics such as impressions for personal profiles (depending on LinkedIn)

LinkedIn Marketing Partner Status

Beyond the feature topics, we have also begun conversations and our application for LinkedIn marketing partner status. We’ve just begun the process and there are no guarantees but we believe we would make an excellent official partner.

Roadmap Summary

There you have it! That’s a quick look at our current roadmap. As always, we base our roadmap on suggestions from our users, so please get in touch if you have any ideas! And once more, here is the summarized list:

  1. Tagging bug fixes and upgrades
  2. Mastodon Scheduling Support
  3. Mastodon Analytics
  4. LinkedIn Carousels
  5. LinkedIn PDFs and Documents
  6. LinkedIn GIF
  7. Audience Engagement Analytics
  8. Analytics Module Upgrades
  9. LinkedIn Marketing Partner

Beyond the currently planned work, there are also plenty of ideas floating around for feature improvements and/or new services. Here is a non-extensive list that’s currently on our backlog.

Ideas Currently on the Backlog

  • Mobile native apps
  • Additional channels such as Youtube and Instagram
  • Integrations such as RSS feeds and Zapier
  • Content generation such as ChatGPT
  • Advanced options for duplicating content
  • More extensive after-publish actions eg. publishing beyond 15 minutes