End of Year Feature Review

As we say goodbye to 2022 and look back on the year that was, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the great features we released at Seenly. From personal profile tagging on LinkedIn to smart scheduling and analytics, we’ve been hard at work bringing new capabilities to our platform and helping professionals make the most of their social media presence. In this article, we’ll be revisiting some of our top releases from 2022 and giving you a glimpse of what’s to come in the future. So let’s dive in and see what we’ve been up to!

Personal Profile Tagging

It’s been a little 6 months since we first introduced the ability to tag personal profiles on LinkedIn using Seenly, and we’re thrilled to report that the feature has been a resounding success! As the only company to offer this capability, we’ve been able to help LinkedIn users amplify their brands and drive conversations in a way that was previously not possible.

One of the biggest benefits of being able to tag personal profiles on LinkedIn is that it allows you to create highly targeted and relevant content. Whether you’re a content creator, entrepreneur, marketer, or sales professional, the ability to mention and engage with specific individuals can help you connect with your followers in a more meaningful way.

But it’s not just about creating content that resonates with your audience – the personal profile tagging feature also makes it easier to track the success of your posts. By being able to see which individuals are interacting with your content, you can get a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not. This can help you fine-tune your strategy and make sure you’re getting the most out of your LinkedIn presence.

So, how do you go about using the personal profile tagging feature on LinkedIn? It’s easy! Just mention the person or business you want to tag in your post and use the @ symbol to reference them.

We’re so glad to have been able to bring this feature to LinkedIn users, and we’re excited to continue helping professionals make the most of their social media presence. If you haven’t yet tried Seenly, be sure to sign up and give it a spin. With our straightforward and simple subscription options, it’s never been easier to schedule and publish content on LinkedIn.

Smart Scheduling

Introduced earlier in the year, the Seenly smart scheduling feature is a tool that helps you automate the process of publishing content on LinkedIn. With smart scheduling, you can choose specific dates and times to post your content, and Seenly will automatically publish your posts at those times. This can be a huge time saver, especially if you manage multiple social media accounts or have a lot of content to publish.

One of the key benefits of the smart scheduling feature is that it allows you to optimize your posting schedule for maximum engagement. By analyzing data on when your followers are most active, Seenly’s AI can recommend the best times to post your content to get the most views and interactions. You can also customize your posting schedule to fit your specific needs, whether that means posting multiple times a day or just a few times a week.

In addition to scheduling your posts, Seenly’s smart scheduling feature also includes analytics tools that allow you to track the success of your content. You can see how many views, likes, and comments each post receives, and use this data to inform your future posting strategy.

The Seenly smart scheduling feature is a powerful tool that can help you save time and maximize the impact of your LinkedIn content. If you’re looking to streamline your social media management process, give it a try and see how it can benefit your business!

Schedule Native Video

The native video scheduling feature for LinkedIn allows you to schedule and publish native video content directly on the LinkedIn platform. Native video refers to video content that is uploaded and played directly on the social media site, as opposed to linking to a video hosted on a separate platform such as YouTube.

Scheduling native video content on LinkedIn can be a great way to engage with your followers and get your message across in a more visual and dynamic way. With the native video scheduling feature, you can upload your video content in advance and choose specific dates and times for it to be published. This can be especially useful if you have a large volume of content to publish or want to coordinate the release of your videos with other marketing efforts. Native video scheduling was released mid-year 2022.

Analytics with Seenly Insights

Seenly’s analytics for LinkedIn is a set of tools that allow you to track the performance of your LinkedIn content and get insights into your audience. With these analytics, you can see how many views, likes, and comments your posts are receiving, as well as who is interacting with your content and when.

One of the key benefits of using Seenly’s analytics for LinkedIn is that it can help you understand what type of content is resonating with your followers. By seeing which posts are getting the most engagement, you can get a better sense of what your audience is interested in and tailor your content strategy accordingly.

In addition to tracking your content performance, Seenly’s analytics also include tools that allow you to monitor the growth of your LinkedIn presence. You can see how many new followers you’re gaining over time, as well as how your followers are engaging with your content. This can be especially useful for understanding the impact of your marketing efforts and identifying areas where you can improve.

Seenly Insights was released in November 2022 and continues to be improved upon, day by day.

The future

2023 is a big year for Seenly as we hope to continue our growth and go from strength to strength. Currently, on our roadmap are some interesting features and additions:

  • More comprehensive information for content tagging. We want to provide detailed information about who liked your content and when. You can use this information for further sales outreach.
  • Further analytics metrics
  • Addition of further socials e.g Mastodon
  • Support for carousel posts and document posts on LinkedIn
  • Features for experimentation and testing in our Lab module.


There you have it, 2022 in review for Seenly. Its been a big year and we are excited about what is to follow! Sign up to Seenly today and start building your personal or company brand in 2023.