Seenly FAQ: What’s it all about?!

Answers to all the common questions you have about Seenly. What is Seenly? Seenly is a social media management tool for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter made with small businesses, freelancers, and thought leaders in mind. Just choose a time, write a post and let Seenly do the rest! What are the benefits of Seenly? Seenly has […]

The official launch of Seenly

Seenly officially launches. Smarter personal and company branding through social media. Announcing the launch of Seenly, your new favourite social media scheduler. Announcing the launch of Seenly – a social media management tool for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. We’re excited to launch, a social media management platform that allows you to create posts to send […]

No more writer’s block with Seenly’s idea library

Get inspiration for your next post using Seenly’s post template library. It isn’t easy to come up with great ideas for engaging posts all the time. Standing out in the crowd is a challenge. However, social media management best practice says you should be posting up to 5 times a day on Twitter. Sometimes you […]