Seenly FAQ: What’s it all about?!

Answers to all the common questions you have about Seenly.

What is Seenly?

Seenly is a social media management tool for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter made with small businesses, freelancers, and thought leaders in mind. Just choose a time, write a post and let Seenly do the rest!

What are the benefits of Seenly?

Seenly has been built to be easy to use for people with little or no previous social media management expertise. It supports all the features you’d expect when creating posts on a social media platform like hashtags, company tagging, people tagging, attaching images and media. We even have integrations with media providers so you can quickly find an engaging image to boost your posts appeal.

Is Seenly free?

We have a free basic version of Seenly. You can also try the full version of Seenly for free for 2 weeks when you sign up.

How does it work?

Pick a time and date when you’d like to share a post. You can easily drag and drop to reschedule your post before it is posted.

Start typing your message across LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter or do it all in one go. Upload, add or search for an image to go with your post.

Your post will automatically be posted at your chosen time and channel.

It’s that simple