Your posts will say a thousand words with the Seenly gallery and image search ?

Build your brand by adding visuals to your social media posts.

Get your social posts to pop ? using images with your posts on Seenly.

Drag and drop an image on your calendar and get most of the work done ✅!

Posts with images get better engagement. It’s that simple. Tweets with photos receive an average 35% boost in retweets. One source reports that Facebook posts with photos receive an average of 37% more engagement.

That’s why you need to be able to quickly and easily add images to your posts. Seenly loves images. Here’s how you’ll have the best pictures on your content in seconds.

? Search for pictures on Unsplash directly from Seenly.

This is everyone’s favourite. When creating a post, click “images”, then the “search” button on the screen and browse Unsplash for free pictures to make your post shine.

? Drag and drop an image file on the calendar to directly create a post.

You want things to be easy. If you have a picture you want to use on a post that is stored on your computer, you can drag that image and drop it on the calendar. Seenly will create a post for you with the image attached for your chosen posting time. Nice!

? Store images in your gallery for easy re-use.

All images are stored in your gallery for future use. From the gallery, click the upload button or drag and drop as many pictures as you want onto the gallery to upload them.

When creating a post, hit the images button at the bottom to browse through your gallery and fit the right picture to your post.

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