Upload multiple images to your LinkedIn posts with Seenly

Upload multiple images to your social media posts on LinkedIn to boost engagement, dwell time and views for your posts.

Upload multiple images to your Linkedin posts with Seenly

Why images on LinkedIn posts are important

To build your personal or professional brand it’s important to stand out in the crowd. For this reason, social media platforms have allowed for uploading different types of media, in particular, photos to give greater interest to their users. Multi image posts are an essential content piece in the brand building process.

In addition, posts are given more real estate in the feed, drawing more attention and engagement to your content. That’s why engagement levels for posts with images outperform images that have no images attached by 650%.

This additional real estate also potentially increases the “dwell time” of your posts. Dwell time is the amount of time that a person spends looking at your post and either engaging or “skipping” your post. LinkedIn uses that to decide if your post is engaging and impacts the number of other users who may see your post.

The more engagement a post receives, the more the social platforms will show your content to people. This will increase the number of views for your post and potentially expand this sizer of your audience.

For such an important feature, it’s a wonder that a number of social media schedulers don’t support this feature for LinkedIn.

How Seenly makes it easy to add images to social posts

Here at Seenly, we understand the value of LinkedIn to companies and professionals, which is why we’ve built support for multiple images on posts into Seenly. We also support this feature for Twitter and Facebook as well.

How it works

We’ve made it simple and easy to add multiple images to a post in a number of intuitive ways.

After pressing the add images button when creating a post, there are a few ways to add images to your post like;

Drag and drop multiple images onto a post

After adding a picture to a post, click the Gallery or Upload button to add more images.

Or drag and drop multiple images on the calendar of the time you want to post and Seenly will start a post for you with all of the images as the content.

Upload multiple images for a social media post with Seenly

Finally, to make sure your posts are perfect, you’ll see a real preview of what your posts will look like on each social you’ve selected for your post!

LinkedIn Post Preview

Twitter Post Preview

Facebook post preview

Amplify your post engagement with multiple images on Seenly

That’s how Seenly makes it easy to add multiple images to your social posts. Amplify the engagement of your posts with multiple images. Get that engagement boost on our free plan or our no credit card required 14-day trial.