Can you tag people when scheduling posts for LinkedIn?

Can you tag people when scheduling posts for LinkedIn? With Seenly, yes!

Finally, it’s possible to tag personal and company pages on LinkedIn using Seenly. As of the publish date of this article [May 2022], Seenly is the first and only social media scheduler that allows you to tag personal profiles as well as company pages.

LinkedIn users have been crying out for tagging (mentions) because it’s such a core part of post creation. Amplifying your brand means maximizing engagement with your followers, and to do that you need to be able to tag relevant people and drive conversations. Tagging business pages is great, but it’s not enough. We’re the first to make this happen!

With Seenly, it’s possible to tag anyone that has previously interacted with your page. That’s either comments, likes or shares. This means you can keep your content connected and relevant.

How is it that Seenly was able to provide this unique feature?

Simply, Seenly is the LinkedIn first scheduling platform and we’ve been given approved access to the APIs needed to make it work. No workarounds, we’re proud to say that it’s all official.

How do I tag people on Linkedin when scheduling a post?

Easy! Here’s an image showing it in action:

Can you tag people when scheduling posts for LinkedIn?

That’s really all there is to it. Mention a person, user or business in your post, referencing them with the @ symbol and create your post. It’s the key feature you need to create compelling content. Seenly is the first choice for LinkedIn content creators, entrepeneurs, marketing and sales.

Would you like to tag personal profiles on your LinkedIn posts?

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