LinkedIn Mentions with Seenly

Create LinkedIn mentions for personal profiles directly with Seenly. The only platform to support tagging for LinkedIn personal profiles.

Tag and mention people in LinkedIn posts on Seenly

When writing posts for LinkedIn and other social media services, mentioning organizations and people is a great way to draw attention to your post.

  • Maybe you’re giving someone a public shout-out ?
  • Perhaps you’re tagging event attendees with some follow-up material like slide decks and recordings.
  • Possibly you’ve got a new starter you want to give a warm welcome to.
  • There are a million and one reasons why you might want to tag or @mention people in your post.

Why is mentioning people important on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a powerful marketing channel. A massive 80% of B2B social media leads come from LinkedIn (source). Getting the most value out of your posts is key.

Most of the tools out there support some form of tagging across different platforms but very few platforms support mentioning personal profiles. That means you’d have to either

  • Set an alarm ⏲, find the post on LinkedIn and manually add the tags. Not a great use of time ⏳.
  • Or worse, you don’t tag people and miss out on possible engagement. Imagine all the effort and time spent putting together an event to then not effectively follow up with your attendees.

That’s why there’s excitement surrounding Seenly’s post tagging and mentioning. With Seenly, you can @mention LinkedIn personal profiles (as well as Facebook pages and Twitter users) when creating a post). Here’s a gif showing it in action.

Make sure your outreach has grabbed people’s attention. Get the maximum benefit from your posts in a fraction of the time, all from one place. Plus, you’ll get that engagement boost as your audience will be encouraged to comment and like your post.

What profiles can you mention on LinkedIn, with Seenly

With LinkedIn,

  • Any LinkedIn company pages.
  • From a personal LinkedIn page, you can interact with anyone who’s interacted with your comments or posts.

With Facebook

  • Any Facebook page

With Twitter

  • Any Twitter users

There you have it. LinkedIn mentions (tags) are a wonderful feature and for the first time available within a scheduling app.

Use mentions on LinkedIn today with Seenly on our paid planfree two-week trial or our free tier.