Social media analytics for entrepreneurs, marketing & content creators

Understand your own content DNA

If you’ve started your journey to growing your personal or company brand on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook then you may have reached the point at which you would like to measure your performance. Now is the time to use Seenly Insight’s social media analytics, for entrepeneurs, sales, marketing, content creators and influencers. Understand your content DNA!

“Measure what is measurable and make measurable what is not so.”

Gallileo Gallilei

After taking your first steps on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, its time get serious and measure your performance to understand what works and what doesn’t. Measure what is measurable and make measurable what is not so. In 2023, with the explosion of advanced analytics and AI, you have to take advantage of these new technologies. It’s the only way to grow.

Track all your historical metrics like shares, engagements, comments and reactions. Are they growing? How fast are they growing? Do you see better performance on Mondays or Sundays? Begin answer the critical questions that can help drive your growth.

Understand what content works for you. Do selfies work on your Twitter but not your LinkedIn? Follow your metrics and find out! Do your audience respond better to long form content or short form, pictures or Gifs. There are endless ways to improve your engagement with analytics and insights!

Use analytics to find your style and personal voice. Everybody is different and you need to find your niche. Use our metrics to analyze and refine your personal voice. Find your niche on social.

Understand your content DNA with Seenly Insight’s analytics for entrepeneurs, marketing and content creators

Track your growth

Track all of the important historical metrics with Seenly Insight.

Stay on track with everything visualized in beautiful charts and graphs. See how much progress you have made on all of your major social channels, watch them grow over time!

Track all your historical metrics in one place

Monitor your posts with social listening

Do you find the LinkedIn user interface clunky and hard to access, particularly for older posts? Do you have trouble extracting key metrics from Facebook in real time? Don’t have access to twitter’s analytics.

Use Seenly Insight to monitor all of your posts in real time with social listening. Using our easy to follow traffic light system, you can see whether your content’s engagement is fresh and growing, viral or stagnant. Understand everything at a glance!

Want to dig deeper? Click on an individual post and see it’s performance on a day by day basis.

Understand the current engagement level of your posts with social listening

Build and connect with your community

One critical aspect of building your personal brand on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is that you must engage with your audience. But as your channels grow, this becomes more and more difficult. Use Seenly Insight’s convenience features to better understand and interact with your community.

Build and connect with your community using our social media analytics

With Seenly Insight, you will:

  1. Understand the sentiment of your commenters, on every post. Is your community happy with the content that you produce, or is it controversial? And how does that impact your engagement?
  2. Never miss a follower or commenter again! With your content growing so quickly, its easy to forget someone. Seenly Insight compiles a list of all your commenters and engagements so that you can quickly find out who you need to reach. This analytics feature is perfect for SDRs, entrepeneurs and small businesses.
  3. See what content resonates with your community. Measure, refine and improve!

(Community Building with Seenly Insight is Coming Soon)

Test and experiment [Coming Soon]

With the “Seenly Lab”, we go one step further.

Mark your content for testing and let our AI test its performance for you. With our technology, we’ll use advanced analytics and statistics to control for all the factors that make it hard to judge your performance accurately.

Posting during the holiday season?
Trying a different style?
Struggling to tell if engagement has improved because your posts are better or because your channel is just larger?
Confused by the LinkedIn algorithm and want to test something?

No worries. We’ve got you covered.

Optimize [Coming Soon]

Analytics is not just a one way street. The final step is to take the insights and put them into action, and measure again! In this way you can optimize your performance over time.

With Seenly Insight, we suggest the fastest ways to optimize your performance so that you don’t waste time or money. Experiment yourself or let our smart scheduling technology handle it for you. The choice is yours.

Optimize post times, post frequency, content styles, tone of voice, cross platform content and so much more, all within a single analytics platform.

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