Schedule native video on LinkedIn

In this tutorial we’re going to show you step-by-step how to create and schedule native video posts on LinkedIn. This quick and simple guide will help you get up and running in minutes.

1. Login to Seenly

Seenly is one of the few schedulers with the capability of handling native video content on LinkedIn. We are a LinkedIn first scheduler, meaning that we are constantly searching for new features to keep up with the latest trends. Over recent years, video has become more and more important on the platform and its important to be able to post this content.

Login to Seenly

2. Choose how you want to post

Seenly supports two different scheduling options. The first option is called “smart scheduling” – our AI will find the best time and publish your content appropriately. The second option is the standard calendar, where you can select the specific time at which you would like to publish.

You can find both of these options in Seenly’s header bar, shown in the image below.

3. Click the create content button

Click the create content button. Upon clicking, a post modal will appear allowing you to write your post, attach the video and preview how the post will look.

4. Create a native video post

Adding native video to your LinkedIn post is totally simple. Just click the video icon, bottom centre of the modal. You’ll get the choice of uploading a video directly or from your gallery. Easy!

How to schedule native video on LinkedIn with Seenly

5. Preview and schedule your native video content

With Seenly, you can see a preview of your post as well as a 3 second snippet of your video, just to make sure you are posting the right thing.

Once you’ve previewed and double checked your content, click the ‘Create post’ button to schedule it. Simple as that!


Scheduling native video content on LinkedIn is easy with Seenly! We support the core features that help you to grow your personal brand or business.

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