Mastodon scheduler & analytics

Seenly is proud to provide scheduling support for Mastodon. Coming soon to Seenly.

Mastodon Scheduling & Analytics Tool
(Coming Soon)

Mastodon is a free, open-source, federated social network. With its many microblogging features, Mastodon has recently arisen as a decentralized alternative to Twitter and the number of active users has been growing day by day.

At Seenly, we support a multi-platform content strategy. As a content creator, you need to be where your audience is and that’s why we have decided to support Mastodon with a fully fledged integration. Smart scheduling with AI, native content, analytics and insights, after publish automation – everything your brand needs to manage your channels on Mastodon.

Write once, post everywhere. Only with Seenly.

Whether you are a social media manager, entrepreneur, content creator or influencer, our Mastodon scheduling tool will help you to organize your content, save time and stay consistent. And consistency leads to engagement.

Sign up today via the link below or read on to find out more about our comprehensive feature set for Mastodon.

Schedule your toots in a few easy steps with Seenly:


Connect your Mastodon account to Seenly with a click of a button.


Click "Calendar" and "Create Content".


Write your content and drag and drop your links, images or videos.


Schedule a time and date for your toot or use our smart scheduler!


Wait for your toots to auto-publish!

seenly on mastodon

Make sure your toots get "seen" with these social media support features:

posting time

Ask Seenly for the best time to post, as analysed by our AI for your previous posts or choose a time yourself.

Add media to
stand out

Add links and images, or search through over a million royalty-free images in Seenly to make your post stand out.

Smart scheduling with AI

Seenly listens for the best times to publish content based on your posts' engagement. Take the wheel or let our smart AI handle your posts for you.

Multiple Content Types

Text, Images, Video? Seenly supports multiple content types on Mastodon so that you can make the content that's right for your audience.


Posting toots with hashtags can help to drive engagement. Use our hashtag suggestions for ideas!

Analytics in
one spot

Access your Mastodon analytics directly on Seenly to understand and adapt your content