LinkedIn Native Scheduling

According to insiders, LinkedIn is currently working on a native scheduling tool to make it easier for users to publish content at a prespecified time.

[Updated November 20th 2022: Some premium user have reported that the roll out of the native scheduling has begun. Scroll down below for updated info.]

Details are limited, but the team here at Seenly has tracked down the latest info. Here’s what we know so far.

What we know so far

There has been no official announcement of native scheduling capability by LinkedIn, but it wouldn’t surprise anyone to know that they are working it. Most of the current details about LinkedIn scheduling are coming from the same source, twitter user and app researcher Nima Owji. He seems to have some connections at the LinkedIn, but as always take 2nd hand info with a grain of salt.

Nima has made three posts on the topic, each one showing some behind the scenes progress on the feature

The first post, published August 21 2022, reads:

#LinkedIn is adding the ability of scheduling a post!”

Nima Owji

and included the following image showing a small clock representing the scheduling option.

First preview of native scheduling

This information as then confirmed by LinkedIn, as reported by Social Media Today who reached for comment.

Then on 21st of September, Nima posted the following preview:

This image appears to show the ability to select times and dates, and hints at the ability to see an overview calendar.

Finally, on the 11th of November Nima again posted a follow up to the topic of native scheduling showing active development of a mobile scheduling view.

Native scheduling for LinkedIn mobile

When will native scheduling arrive?

Despite these tweets, there hasn’t been a concrete date or timeline given by LinkedIn. We can only assume that this feature will arrive at some soon…

[Update November 20th 2022]

As of November 20th 2022, it appears that LinkedIn have begun rolling out native scheduling to a subset of premium users.

John Espirian has written an excellent article showing some of the key features.

Some of the key information:

  • You can schedule most of the main LinkedIn post formats (except carousels & polls)
  • You can schedule up to an hour before publication time
  • You can delete posts and change the schedule time

On the flip side, you are currently not able to:

  • Edit the post after it’s been scheduled
  • Schedule to company pages and groups
  • Schedule events, carousels, multi image posts and polls

To determine whether you have native scheduling yet, try to create a post. If you have it, you’ll see a small clock icon in the lower right hand side of the post modal.

Why you should use a 3rd party scheduling tool

Why should you consider using a 3rd party scheduling tool even after the roll-out of native scheduling?

The native scheduler might be the right option for you, particularly if you post irregularly and with a low frequency. However, the features provided by native scheduling tools are often insufficient for social media managers, content creators, entrepreneurs and brand builders. Here at Seenly, we are dedicated to providing the best scheduling, platform engagement and analytics experience for LinkedIn and other social networks.

Here are some features that you won’t find in native scheduling tools:

Cross Platform Publishing

Cross platform publishing is the ability to create a single post and the distribute it, with small changes, across multiple social networks. With Seenly, you can create a post which fits to multiple social accounts and schedule them at the same time. You can even create a single post and schedule across multiple accounts! This is a massive time saver and industry standard for social media managers.

Post recycling and duplication

With Seenly, its possible to duplicate and recycle your content. Some content is too valuable to be posted only once! If you want to go back to an old post and post it again, you can do this with a single button click. If you want to post the same content on a recurring schedule that’s also possible.


Scheduling tools often allow you to create drafts for posts. Sometimes you cant find the right words straight away. Perhaps you need to pause content creation to go pick up your kids without losing your progress. Either way, most native scheduling tools do not offer this capability.

Slicker user interface and overviews

3rd party scheduling tools are dedicated to making your life easier and saving you time – with scheduling. These services often offer a slicker, improved interface for monitoring and handling your scheduling posts.

Analytics and insights

Using Seenly, you can analyze the performance of all your content right within the platform. No need for additional expensive tools, its easy to see all of your historical performance in a single place.

Content suggestions and generation using AI

Not sure what to write or how best to phrase it? Get some help from the AI. Lots of tools offer content suggestions and generative AI to help you create the best posts possible.

After publish actions

With Seenly, its easy to schedule after publish actions for your posts. This inclues automated first comments, likes or re-shares! You can even cross promote by automating one account to like the other! You can’t do that with a native scheduling tool.


The native scheduling feature is highly anticipated within LinkedIn community. It will definitely make simple post scheduling a whole lot easier! We currently only know a little bit of information from a single source so its hard to say concretely when the feature will be available, but we know its on the roadmap. Given the progress so far and the confirmation from LinkedIn, we could assume that it will be available sometime in 2023. Stay tuned.

Still, all said and done, there are many great features that 3rd party scheduling tools provide to help you grow your personal or company brand.

If you would like to develop your online presence on LinkedIn, sign up to Seenly today.