Have your cake and eat it too ? Get the benefits of Seenly without having to switch from your existing tool

Use Seenly with your existing Social Media Management Tool. Get the time saving benefits without having to switch.

Using your existing tool, you can’t tag people on LinkedIn from your social media posts. For every LinkedIn post where you want tags, you have to:

– set calendar alerts for when your LinkedIn posts go out

– stop whatever you’re doing and quickly log in to LinkedIn

– then manually edit the posts and add all the tags

It’s a time drain ?. And isn’t the reason you use a social media tool in the first place to make life easier?

You want to take control of your time using Seenly, which includes LinkedIn tagging from Seenly posts (learn the ins and outs here). See it in action on the gif below.

The great news is that you can get the benefits of Seenly whilst using your existing tool.

Simply connect Seenly to your socials, and away you go. Create Seenly posts with LinkedIn tagging and all the other useful features, and your existing tool will pull those posts into that platform. Win-win!

How do I use Seenly for LinkedIn person profile tagging and my existing tool?

Seenly doesn’t need to integrate with your existing tool. Connect Seenly to your socials and all posts will be shared between the two platforms. There’s no additional work, and no complicated integration process.

Get maximum engagement and the time-saving benefits from Seenly and maintain your enterprise feature fix from your existing tool like, Community management, Sponsored posts, Social Channels Monitoring etc.

Get tagging today on our free tier or the 14-day trial of the subscription plan.

Why is this tagging on LinkedIn Personal Profiles important?

Since your existing tool doesn’t support LinkedIn personal profile tagging, you have two outcomes.

  1. You don’t tag, so degrade the value of your posts, heavily diminishing the value of your content and outreach strategy.

2) You manually have to add the tags to the post as soon as the post goes live, which takes time. The actual cost is the high-value actions you aren’t doing that you could be doing with that time, like developing your brand and outreach.

You can use Seenly as a stand-alone tool. It has all the features you need for that. Changing tools for some companies is a challenge due to the switching costs (process and behavioural changes) and approval processes a lot of people have to go through.

Running two tools together, you can get the value straight away without facing those challenges.