Free Scheduling Tool for LinkedIn

Looking for a free scheduling tool for LinkedIn? Look no further.

Seenly is an auto publishing scheduler and engagement platform that has a generous free tier option including all of the core features you need to start building your personal brand.

Some of Seenly’s features which are available on the free tier:

Personal Profile Tagging

With Seenly you can tag personal profiles and company profiles within the scheduler. We’re the only platform that can do that.

Personal profile tagging with Seenly

Smart scheduling

Use our calender view or let our AI handle your posts with Smart Scheduling. Simply queue your content and let Seenly decide the best time to post to maximize your engagement. Easy as that.

After publish actions

With Seenly, its easy to schedule After Publish actions for your posts. This includes automated first comments, likes or re-shares! You can even cross promote by automating one account to like the other! You can’t do that with a native scheduling tool.

Add first comments with After Publish Actions

Cross Platform Publishing

Cross platform publishing is the ability to create a single post and the distribute it, with small changes, across multiple social networks. With Seenly, you can create a post which fits to multiple social accounts and schedule them at the same time. You can even create a single post and schedule across multiple accounts! This is a massive time saver and industry standard for social media managers.

Analytics and insights

On Seenly’s free tier, you can get a simple view of your content’s performance right there in the platform. With our analytics tools its easy to see post performance in a single place. Upgrade to our paid ‘Publish’ tier to receive further insights, historical and workspace level performance analytics.

Content suggestions and generation using AI

Not sure what to write or how best to phrase it? Get some help from the AI. We offer content suggestions and generative AI to help you create the best posts possible.


As you can see, Seenly’s free tier is quite generous. It contains all of our core features and more. However, there are some limitations. With our free tier, you are limited to up to 5 posts per month. This will be sufficient for creators who post irregularly on the platform but still want to be consistent and build their personal brand. If you feel like that’s not enough, we also have a 14 day free trial of our “Publish” plan – no credit card required.

Sign up to Seenly today and start using our great free tier to build your personal or company brand.