First-rate social post schedule – at the click of a button. Seenly’s “Smart Suggest” ?

Seenly can tell give your post the best times to send using our “Smart Suggest” feature.

For your social posts to have the maximum impact, writing great posts isn’t the complete job. Your posts need to be at a time when your audience will actually see them. Post at the wrong times and great content doesn’t mean great engagement.

The best time to post comes down to two factors:

  • Is my audience using their social now? Or is this a downtime for them?
  • Do I have a good distribution of content? Are they spread out amongst the optimal times

There are a lot of articles and data on the best time to post and the best distribution of content. Using a lot of industry knowledge and data, Seenly can now suggest the best times to post with Smart Suggest.

With a click of a button get given the best times to post given industry know-how and your upcoming post schedule. Get that first-rate post schedule with the click of a button.

To do this we’ve;

  • Done internal analysis of best practices drawing from a number of sources for the best time for engagement based on best times to post and historical engagement using social media data.
  • Look at upcoming post distribution for the optimal time to post times

Get that world-class posting schedule with a single click today on our free tier or the 14-day trial of the subscription plan.