Approved LinkedIn Automation

Most automation is not allowed on LinkedIn, including browser plugins and add-ons. However, automation using LinkedIn approved APIs in supported and encouraged! In this article, we’ll explore a variety of approved LinkedIn automation techniques.

At Seenly, we call this collection of techniques ‘After Publish Actions’. We’ll show you how you can leverage these scheduling techniques to take your LinkedIn game to the next level.

After Publish Actions

1. Add the first comment

Many content creators like to post the first comment on their content, often containing an additional link or mention. To now, its been annoying to do this with a scheduler because you have to log back into LinkedIn and add the comment at exactly the time that the post is published.

Why do some users prefer to add links or first comments? This experiment by the agency “Growth Rocks” suggests that links added as the first comment are clicked 2.7 times more.

Using the ‘first comment’ after publish action, its possible to automatically add additional information and links

2. Automatically add reactions

In order to kick start your engagement, you may want to automatically add a reaction to your newly published post. After all, if you don’t like your own post how can you expect others to do the same?
With Seenly, you can add a reaction any time up to 15 minutes after your content is published. That includes all the standard reactions; like, celebrate, support, funny, love, insightful and curious.

Automatically add reactions to your content with Seenly After Publish Actions

3. Re-share your content

As well as comments and reactions, its also possible to automatically re-share your content immediately after publishing. Re-sharing helps you to drive post visibility and can be the added boost you need to share your content with a wider audience.

Re-share your content to engage with a wider audience

4. Cross promote between your personal and business pages

Here’s an automation tip to help you grow your brand on LinkedIn – make clever use of cross promotion. When we publish content on our LinkedIn profile, we use after publish actions to automatically share the same content (with additional personalized comments) on our co-founder’s personal profiles. In this way we guarantee that we reach a wider audience of people that might be interested in our products. Use After Publish Actions to cross promote between your content owners and give your bolster your content engagement.

Advanced scheduling automation technique #4 – intelligently cross promote

When not to use automation (After Publish Actions)?

Seenly’s After Publish Actions are a support tool designed to help you increase your consistency and therefore, engagement on LinkedIn. Each of the 4 actions described above can help you to boost your early engagement and kick-start your post with manually heading back into the platform. In addition, if you have link or advertising in your content – it may be wise to keep it out of the main body of the post via an automated first comment. However, ‘After Publish Actions’ are not a silver bullet and won’t replace genuine engagement on the platform. Low effort automated posts won’t help you grow your brand. So make sure you head back to the platform as often as you can, engage with your audience and start genuine conversations. Only in this way can you build your personal brand.

When not to use automation techniques?

Understanding Seenly’s After Publish Actions

Many of our users ask how our automation works – we are pleased to share that all of our automation is done through LinkedIn approved APIs. An API (Application Programming Interface) is a technology that allows Seenly and other companies to send and receive approved, secure information to and from LinkedIn. That means that all of our automation cases are approved and the communication channels are, in fact, explicitly provided by LinkedIn. You can find more details about LinkedIn’s APIs here.


In this article we’ve described Linkedin automation techniques to help you boost your content scheduling engagement on LinkedIn, all accessible via the approved LinkedIn APIs. With Seenly’s After Publish Actions you can easily begin to add these techniques to your scheduling repertoire.

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