5 reasons why you should build your personal brand on LinkedIn

Your personal brand exists every time you leave your imprint on the internet. Each blog you write or post you comment on reveals aspects of who you are for people to research. By taking control of your personal brand, you can guide the narrative and make the best first impression.

Why you should consider building your personal brand on LinkedIn ?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. Unlike other networking sites, its focus and interactions are principally business-driven. As a result, people understand your intentions, whereas, on other networking sites, the audience may not be there for this distinct purpose. However, there are many different reasons why LinkedIn makes a great place to build your professional brand.

1. LinkedIn’s growth rate is very strong.

  • LinkedIn has grown to over 810 million members, up from 675 million in 2020. LinkedIn continues to see strong growth on the platform and shows that your potential audience will continue to grow.

2. LinkedIn users are highly active.

  • Almost 45% of members are also active every month. This means that over 100 million users interact with the platform every day. These are typically businesspeople who use LinkedIn primarily to:
    • Find interesting and relevant content
    • Make new contacts and keep in touch with existing members
    • Look for new job opportunities
    • Research competitors, vendors and other companies
    • Join groups and newsletters to join in on the latest discussions

3. LinkedIn is responsible for more than 50% of social traffic on B2B websites & blogs.

  • If you’re looking for genuine business interest and brand building, LinkedIn is the best platform to build an audience and drive traffic.

4. LinkedIn is the most trusted social network, so people are more likely to spend time and money when on LinkedIn.

  • By building your personal brand, you establish trustworthiness and credibility. Both are critical when people decide whether to engage with you and your business.

5. There is a shortage of content creators on LinkedIn, with only 1% of users posting to the platform.

  • With only 3 million users sharing weekly content on LinkedIn, there is an excellent opportunity to capture some of the growing and ever-present audience. Relative to other platforms, it’s incredibly challenging to stand out in the crowd.

If you run a business, want to improve your career prospects, attract an audience or increase your sales pipeline, developing your personal brand is a key long term strategy. And with LinkedIn’s business-focussed user base, growth rate and engagement, it’s a great place to start.